AED's (Automated External Defibrilators) and how to help someone having a suspected heart attack

While Killy Cares has provided a number of Automatic External Defibrillators in specific locations around our local area, it is important that everyone knows where they are and what to do in such an emergency.

Be aware that the AEDs are available 24/7.

When an AED is needed, send someone immediately to the nearest AED location, and get the machine to take and use.

There is no need to ask anyone for permission to use the AED , just take the machine to the person urgently.  If you are in a situation when someone is having a heart problem, DO NOT DELAY:

  • Phone 000 and request an ambulance – begin first aid such as CPR
  • If an AED is needed, urgently go or send someone to the nearest location to get the machine
  • After use, contact Killy Cares to re-stock and re-locate the AED.

Each machine has an alarm that sounds when the lid of the cabinet is opened – it will stop when you close the lid.

All our machines are positoned for easy emergency access; so please know where they are - keep this list handy or remember your nearest location:

AED's are also available at Killcare SLSC and Bells at Killcare however they may not be available 24/7.